Available in different types of power supply output from 400kg/hour to 9ton/hour

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What is fodder crops?

Fodder is food used to raise livestock. More than half of all agricultural land is used to produce fodder. Fodder is an agricultural term for animal feed, and fooder crops are those plants that are raised to feed livestock.

Common grain crops that are grown for fodder include corn, oats, millet, barley, sorghum, wheat and soybeans. Some of these crops, such as corn and wheat, are obviously also grown for human comsumption.

Forage is fodder crop that is grown (or encouraged, such as grass) for grazing animals. Immature grain crops, grasses and legumes, including alfalfa, are common forage.

Silage is fermented grass and other crops that are fed to ruminants, such as cattle and sheep. Silage grasses (hay and straw, for example) are cut and stored for future consumption, such as winter feed.

Even if the grass is not cultivated, the grasslands, or pasture is known as a fodder crop. Pasture is land set aside for free-range grazing animals, such as cattle and sheep.

What is fodder chopper?

The chopper is mainly used for stalk forage, such as rice straw, wheat straw, maize stover and maize for ensiling. Straw choppers can be classified by size into small, medium and large. The small-size chopper is mainly adapted for chopping dry straw or silage on small-scale farms. The large chopper - also called a silage chopper - is mainly used for silage on cattle farms. The medium chopper is normally suited to cutting dry straw and silage, so it is called a straw-silage chopper.

Choppers can be divided into cylinder or flywheel types, according to the mode of cutting. Large- and medium-size choppers are generally flywheel types, to facilitate throwing silage, but the majority of small choppers are cylinder type. Large and medium choppers are usually equipped with road wheels for easy movement, while small-size choppers are normally stationary.

FC Series Fodder Chopper

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Napier Grass Chopper

Features Specifications: Multifunctional Forage Cutter
Silage crop cutter, hay cutter, silage harvester, Multifunctional forage cutter, forage cutter, Forage chopper Model FC-6A Mini-cutter is mainly used for cutting the green & dry grass, dry corn stalk, straw etc. it is a ideal equipment for farmer use

FC Multifunctional Napier Grass Choppers are mainly used for cutting the green/dry corn straw, rice straw, all kinds of stalk and grass for animal. It’s widely used by small farmers and smallholder.

Main Characteristic
1.Entire steel structure, small & light, easy portable
2.Special device to ensure the safety on operating
3.The grass roller adopts cross shaft, has the advantage of compact structure, running agility, simple installing
4.Multi-choice on power, motor, diesel engine and tractor are ok. It especial suit for the electric scarce area
5.The blade adopts high quality steel, through special technology processing, it is Super Wear-Resistant and fixed by high strength bolt to ensure the safety when running
6.High performance-cost ratio

Scope of Application
Green&dry corn straw, rice straw, cotton straw, wheat straw, oat straw, all kinds of stalk and pasture grass for animal.
Technical Data:

  • mini fodder chopper
    FC-0.4 Napier Grass Choppers
    Capacity: 0.5-1.3TPH
    Power: 1.5kw/220AC/50HZ/1 Phase
    Installation size: 953×344×800mm
  • mini fodder chopper

    FC-2.5 Napier Grass Choppers
    Capacity: 1-2.5TPH
    Power: 4kw/380ACmotor or 12HP
    Packing size: 510*982*1050mm

  • mini fodder chopper

    FC-4 Napier Grass Choppers
    Capacity: 1.5-4TPH
    Power: 5.5kw/380ACmotor or 15HP
    Packing size: 630*1010*1300mm

  • mini fodder chopper

    FC-6A Napier Grass Choppers
    Capacity: 2.5-6TPH
    Power: 7.5kw/380ACmotor or 20HP
    Packing size: 755*1600*2750mm

  • mini fodder chopper

    FC-9A Napier Grass Choppers
    Capcity: 3.5-9TPH
    Power: 15kw/380ACmotor & 30HP
    Packing size: 2650*1700*2000mm